Saturday, January 2, 2021

My 2020 Poetry in Review

 Over the last week, I settled my headspace and sent out two year-end submissions--one of which asked for a resume of my writing. While I'd been beating myself up (poetically) for much of 2020 because I hadn't been writing or submitting, updating my poetry resume made me realize I'd done more than I knew in 2020.

Not only did I start off 2020 accepted into the Scioto Winter Workshop for a mind-blowing three days of intense study and writing, guided by the amazing minds of Will Evans and Ruth Awad, but once the pandemic consumed the world's collective attention, I still managed to respond to some of Literary Cleveland's pandemic prompts and was published on their website, and one of those pieces was picked up by Braided Way, an online publication for spiritual writing. And I participated in the collective poetry videos Keith Allison had been producing (thanks, Keith, for your reminders and nudges to get my work out there).

I know a lot of folks did a lot more in the last year, and I congratulate you. I am slowly learning that I don't need to compete with anyone except myself, and I was happy to look back and realize that I did what I was able to do. Here are the links below if you missed them the first time around.

Happy New Year, and I wish you fulfillment, peace, and health in 2021!

Act of God, published in Braided Way

How to Survive Quarantine with Ancient Matriarchal Wisdom, published in Literary Cleveland's Pandemic Prompts

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